Welcome to the ESA Earth Observation Users’ Single Sign On.  This service is being introduced into many of our EO web sites and applications; we trust it makes your life simpler and securer.

Please consult the questions and answers below for help:

Where am I?
You may be here because you need to register for one of our services …
The ESA Earth Observation Users’ Single Sign On will manage a unique user name and password for many activities.  Before registering to individual services you have to register in the single sign on.  If you have already registered in the single sign on (and weren’t already logged in somewhere) then don’t register again, just click “I’m already registered” and enter your user name/password. 

Which services make use of the single sign on?
So far:
the eo-portal directory http://directory.eoportal.org/
but soon this will increase and slowly covering all EOP services. 

How do I create a good password during registration?
The password has to be at least 8 characters  long and contain  digits, lower and upper case letters as well as symbolic characters (such as !?@$*).
A valid password is for example: Avft$127 that matches all criteria.
A similar password like: avft$127 is rejected because does not include any upper case letter; similarly avft2127 is rejected because does not include any special character. 

Why can’t I log in after registration?
Before being able to log in to a service the single sign on asks you to confirm your registration, you should have received an e-mail from our help-desk with a link that confirms your e-mail address and allows us to contact you in case of lost password.
Follow the instruction in the email to complete your registration successfully. 

Question: What shall I do once I have forgotten my password?
Answer: You may select the "Lost password" point from the menu on the start page of the administration page. In order to get forgotten password remedy you have to remember your secret question and the answer to it. Once you have filled in the form the system should send you an e-mail to the e-mail address registered under your user id. Check your e-mail account therefore and follow the instructions listed there in order to set a new password for yourself.

Why am I’m locked out?
After 3 unsuccessful login trial your account will get locked. In this case you will need to contact our help-desk at http://earth.esa.int/contactus/

What if I’ve lost my password?
There is a link on the login page that allows you to retrieve your password, using the secret question that was set by you during registration. Once you have filled in the form we will send you an e-mail with instructions to set a reset your password.

Need help?…  
If the above questions and notes weren’t sufficient, please contact our helpdesk at http://earth.esa.int/contactus/